How to Call Algeria from the U.S.

If you need to call Algeria but you feel like having to look through one more website on international dialing protocols is going to make you lose your mind, then we’re glad you found us in time.

We have a handy and, more importantly, brief “How to Call Algeria” guide that you should check out below.

To call Algeria from the U.S., just follow these dialing instructions:

  • First dial 011, the U.S. exit code.
  • Next dial 213, the Algeria country code.
  • Then dial the 2-digit area code (see sample calling code list below), followed by the 6-digit phone number.

The U.S. to Algeria international dialing format will look like this:
011 + 213 + XX + XX XX XX

Need more help with how to call Algeria?

Here is a list of some major city calling codes:

Algiers 21
Oran 41
Constantine 31
Batnah 33
Annaba 38
Setif 36
Sidi bel Abbes 48
Biskara 33
Djelfa 27

You might still be stuck, though, with your attempt to call Algeria. To be blunt, there are a lot of strange and not so well-known rules to international calling you are probably not familiar with, so double-check and make sure one of the following isn’t causing you grief:

International calls get blocked

Some cell phones come with the manufacturer’s default settings. If your phone is one of these, it may be set to auto block any incoming or outgoing international calls.

Trunk codes and you

If you are trying to dial a number that has a zero as its starting digit, you’ll need to drop it. When a zero is the first digit of a phone number, it’s referred to as the number’s “trunk code,” and it’s used in few circumstances, in particular when calling within a handful of countries. Chances are you should leave the trunk code off.

Internet phones

Some VoIP or Internet phones make it possible to skip using 011 as your exit code altogether. So if you’re calling from one of these, go to Settings and find out if this feature is on… and dial accordingly.

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Can you point me to a free international calling app?

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¹Unlimited calling and other services for all residential plans are based on normal residential, personal, non-commercial use. A combination of factors is used to determine abnormal use, including but not limited to: the number of unique numbers called, calls forwarded, minutes used and other factors. Subject to our Reasonable Use Policy and Terms of Service.

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