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How to Call Barranquilla from the USA

There’s nothing more important for you than being able to talk to friends and family when you want and for as long as you want¹. Luckily for you, you can call Barranquilla cheap from now on. Here’s how. Vonage World Plus Latin America 100 is our top plan for delivering unlimited¹ calling to Barranquilla landlines […]

How to Call Cali from the USA

Maybe you moved to the US, but in the process, you left a lot of loved ones back in Cali, Colombia. You don’t need to feel estranged anymore. Vonage World Plus Latin America 100 delivers unparalleled audio quality and unlimited¹ calling to Cali landlines at an affordable price. That’s right. You can start calling Cali […]

How to Call Medellín from the USA

The cheapest way to call Medellín might surprise you…and your wallet. When you need to reach your family in Colombia, Vonage World Plus Latin America 100 can be there to make that call more affordable and more enjoyable, thanks to the high-tech advantage that comes with our VoIP adapter and Vonage’s superb audio quality. Unlimited¹ […]

How to Call Bogotá from the USA

There’s nothing worse than feeling out of touch with your family back home in Bogotá. With Vonage World Plus Latin America 100, though, you’ll enjoy unlimited¹ calling to Bogotá landlines anytime you want. When you sign up for Vonage World Plus Latin America 100, we’ll send you a Vonage Box™ that you’ll then need to […]

Colombia Calling Cards on Your Mind?

Never overpay on overseas calls again. Introducing Digital Calling Cards by Vonage. Some have called it the “Colombia calling card of the future.” We refer to it as the best calling card to Colombia, period. Why? It offers low per-minute calling rates, no monthly fees, no connection fees and no minimum charges. The list could […]

How to Call the USA from Colombia

Get Vonage for unlimited¹ calls to the USA from Colombia Biding your time in Bogota? With Vonage, you can stay connected with those you love in the U.S. With the Vonage World® plan, we’re keeping it easy to understand how to call the U.S. from Colombia. You can now use Vonage to reliably and affordably […]