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Six Reasons Not to Cut the Cord on Your Home Phone

Did you know that the first telephone call happened 138 years ago?  On March 10, 1876, Alexander Graham Bell picked up his latest invention, the “Electrical Speech Machine,” and stated, “Mr Watson, come here. I want to see you.”  And the rest was history.

The home phone and people’s attitude about it have come a long way since then. According to a recent Pew Research Center survey1, more than 90 percent of U.S. adults now own cell phones, and for many of them it’s their only phone.  But poor cellular coverage and dead zones in the home are reason enough for 1 in 9 people to be extremely dissatisfied with in-home cellular service2, and just two reasons why people should consider hanging on to their home phones. Need a few more? See below:

telephone infographic


Vonage was founded on disrupting the way people traditionally communicate by providing feature-rich, affordable communication solutions that offer flexibility, portability and ease-of-use.  As an alternative to traditional telecom companies, Vonage provides solutions for customers who want affordable calling both domestically and to destinations worldwide. Customers chose from the company’s low-cost calling plans that offer unlimited calling throughout the U.S. and to more than 60 countries at low, flat monthly rates. 

But Vonage has also changed with the times. The company’s Extensions® feature increases the flexibility and value of its service by enabling customers to extend their home calling plan to any phone, even mobiles, at no extra charge.  With the free mobile Extensions app for iPhone and Android, customers can utilize one-touch dialing from their smartphone’s existing address book, allowing them to call anytime, anywhere and from any phone they choose.  If a customer has a Vonage international calling plan, through the app, they can make international calls from their mobile phones without paying anything additional to their carriers for international calling. When used over Wi-Fi, this is completely fee.

And, just in case you need one more reason to keep your home phone, the Extensions App can make your cell phone work better! Domestic callers will also find the mobile Extensions app useful because it makes their cell phone work better in their homes. If there is a strong Wi-Fi connection and they have a smartphone, customers can make calls through the app and get better clarity and a stronger connection than if they dialed directly from their cell phone.

Today, the phone turns 138 years old.  And, today, Vonage remains a leader in communications, developing new and flexible ways for consumers to stay in touch and make that important connection.

1Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project, April 17-May 19, 2013 Tracking Survey.
2 Vonage proprietary research.

Vonage Wins the People’s Choice Stevie® Award for Favorite Customer Service

vonage stevies award

The Company was also awarded the Silver Stevie Award for Customer Service Department of the Year.

Vonage won two prestigious awards in the telecommunications category at the 8th Annual International Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service Gala Banquet & Awards Ceremony. Vonage earned the 2014 People’s Choice Stevie® Award for Favorite Customer Service and the 2014 Silver Stevie® Award for Customer Service Department of the Year.

The Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service are the world’s top sales awards, contact center awards and customer service awards.  More than 260 executives around the world participated in the judging process for the 2014 awards, to determine the Finalists, followed by the Gold, Silver and Bronze Stevie Award placements. The awards were presented to honorees during a gala banquet on Friday, February 21 at the Bellagio in Las Vegas.

Approximately 430,000 votes were cast in the 2014 People’s Choice Stevie® Awards for Favorite Customer Service. The worldwide public vote was conducted between January 23 and February 14, 2014, with the highest number of votes deciding the winners in 11 industry categories.  Vonage was honored among other major companies including Constant Contact, Marriot Vacation Club International and Tata Motors Ltd. Read the press release for more information.

Read the full press release for more information.

Military Deployment – Helping Families Stay In Touch

Moving is a part of life for Military families.

Military families move 2.4 times more often than civilian families – every 2-3 years on average. While 82% use social media daily, spouses and service members place a higher value on speaking with each other than using social media to communicate.

That’s where Vonage World comes in, with unlimited1 calling to more than 60 countries, and free shipping to APO/FPO addresses.


To learn more about how Vonage helps military families keep in touch with loved ones, read the latest post at AMilitaryStory.com


¹Unlimited calling and other services for all residential plans are based on normal residential, personal, non-commercial use. A combination of factors is used to determine abnormal use, including but not limited to: the number of unique numbers called, calls forwarded, minutes used, and other factors. Subject to our Reasonable Use Policy and Terms of Service.

There’s One Constant in Military Life: Change

Military families are constantly on the move. It often seems that just when they are settling into their new home, they receive orders for a change of station. And with it comes a move to a new home, a new school, a new town, maybe even a new country. Anything that can help reduce the stress of military life – even a little – is a good thing.

One way that military families deployed OCONUS (Outside the Continental United States) deal with separation is by staying in touch with loved ones. But more times than not family and friends back in the States are reluctant to pick up the phone and call them. The burden is often on those overseas if they want to connect.

However, when military families order a Vonage calling plan, they get to choose a U.S. phone number that stays with them and remains the same no matter where they PCS (Permanent Change of Station) next. So regardless of where they are stationed, their friends and family in the U.S. can call their Vonage number for the price of a local call.

Vonage is a perfect match for the unique needs of military families. But don’t just take our word for it. Read carefully what Melissa at Marrying The Army says: “[i]t’s really important to us that we can stay in touch. Unfortunately, not all of our family enjoy social media and email as much as I do, so it’s awesome that they now have a way of reaching out to us without incurring international calling fees or spending unwanted time online.” (read more)

Or Adrianna at NextGen MilSpouse: “Perhaps one  of my favorite-all-time features of my Vonage service is that I can take my US telephone number anywhere I go, worldwide.  That means that even if we PCS overseas, Mom and Dad can just dial my stateside number and- voilà-they reach me wherever the Air Force sends us.  Mom and Dad aren’t required to have Vonage service to contact me.  Any calls they make will be treated as a US domestic call.  Pretty cool, right?” (read more)

Or Rheanna at Cammo Style Love: “It’s clear to me that most obvious benefit to a service like this would be most deployment situations and overseas PCS’s.  The ability to choose a local number to where a majority of your friends and family are and then keep said number no matter where you go and how many times you move is priceless.” (read more)

Or Kara at More Ramblings of a Marine Wife: “When you PCS, take your Vonage box with you and your number stays the same. The box can also be taken along on deployments. As long as you have an internet connection and a touch-tone phone, you are good.  This just gives you one less thing to worry about when PCS season rolls around.” (read more)

Click here to see how Vonage can help make military life just a little easier.

The iPhone Mom Reviews and Shares Her Thoughts on Vonage Mobile

The iPhone Mom

Our popular, all-in-one communications app, Vonage Mobile, was recently reviewed on The iPhone Mom. The blogger, JoDee, shares her experience using Vonage Mobile and how it provided a solution for her pre-teen daughter’s desire for an expensive cell phone plan.

Over the years, JoDee’s family has tried several free calling and/or texting apps with varying degrees of success. After using Vonage Mobile on their iPhone and iPad to call, text and video chat with friends and family, JoDee and her daughters found Vonage Mobile to be cost effective, easy-to-use and a viable cell phone alternative for her younger daughters. Additional features and functionality JoDee references in her post include:

  • Vonage Mobile is a free app for iOS and Android devices that’s easy-to-use for tweens and teens and won’t break the bank.
  • The app allows users to make free calls and send free texts, as well as make free video calls and share photos and location with other Vonage Mobile users worldwide over Wi-Fi and 3G/4G networks¹.
  • Vonage Mobile uses your existing smartphone address book, and it’s easy to spot friends that already have the app by the Vonage icon next to their name.
  • Inviting new friends is a snap; simply press “Invite” and check the names of the contacts to build your global free calling and texting network.
  • Vonage Mobile includes an option to check calling rates before you make a call to non-app users, avoiding any unexpected costs.
  • For a limited time you can get FREE calls to any landline or mobile phone in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico (up to 3000 minutes per month). This is huge compared to the other apps we’ve tried!

JoDee’s successful experience highlights the endless benefits of using Vonage Mobile, including forgoing the need for expensive calling and texting family plans, staying in touch with family and friends internationally at affordable rates, and cross-platform video calling.

Check out JoDee’s review of Vonage Mobile here. What are your favorite Vonage Mobile features? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!

¹Data rates may apply

A Sulit Plan from Vonage & Globe!

Sulit ka with the new Vonage® 3000 to Globe® Philippines plan.  With this new residential plan from Vonage and Globe, you can enjoy 3,000 minutes of calling every month to all Globe numbers in the Philippines for only $29.99/ month (plus taxes and fees). That’s a cost of about 1¢ per minute, with the benefit of many priceless moments savoring all things Pinoy that you may have been missing: reunions with the barkada, the pabitin at the fiesta, the sizzle of sisig and the crackle of the lechon.

With the new plan is the Vonage-Globe Philippines partnership that brings you great call quality and reliable service for low per-minute rates compared to phone cards, far beyond what the humble penny can buy. You can call from your home or mobile, get 24-7 Customer Care (also available in Filipino), and enjoy unlimited1 calling to the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico and landlines in more than 60 countries plus mobiles in more than 10 countries. In addition, calls to other numbers in the Philippines and calls to Globe numbers beyond 3,000 minutes are still very affordable.2 And there is no annual contract, so the new plan won’t tie you down.  That’s everything you could ask for in a “Sulit Plan” from Vonage.

Getting tangible value from a trusted brand: that’s how Vonage® 3000 to Globe® Philippines re-defines what it is to be penny-wise and Wais-Pinoy.

HIGH-SPEED INTERNET REQUIRED. Alarms, TTY and other systems may not be compatible. Calls from mobiles may use airtime and may incur charges, depending upon your mobile plan. Vonage 911 service operates differently than traditional 911. See www.vonage.com/911 for details. 800# & URL.

1Unlimited calling is based on normal residential, personal, non-commercial use. A combination of factors is used to determine abnormal use, including but not limited to the number of unique numbers called, calls forwarded, minutes used and other factors. Subject to our Reasonable Use Policy and Terms of Service.

2Rate to other numbers in the Philippines and for calls in excess of 3,000 minutes is 11c/minute.