Moving Overseas? Use our Moving Abroad Checklist

So you’re leaving the USA for work, studies or family, and you’re wondering just how you’ll ever put together a useful moving abroad checklist.

Let us help.


Start packing and separating early: If you are doing the packing yourself (European only), start as soon as you can. Three months in advance is a good time to start cleaning the attic or basement and clearing away things you rarely use (electric shovels, animatronic horsehead bookends, glass calculators, etc.).

For clothes, pack for long-term and short-term needs. Pack one or two suitcases for clothes and items you’ll need immediately on a regular basis, and use the rest to store the things that wouldn’t affect you if they were to get held up while in transit.

Pets: Decide what how you’re going to handle their transportation the moment you know you’re moving out of the USA. Many foreign nations have strict quarantine regulations and time periods, usually 3–6 months.

Car: Take it or leave it, but you’ll need to find it a new home if it’s staying, and make sure it’s up to your new home’s regulatory standards if it’s going with you.

Visas and permits: Make sure these are in order because if you don’t, all your other preparation may come to nothing.

Shred it!: Old credit card statements and any documents with financial or highly personal should get shredded, which you can then use for padding while packing your more delicate items.

Change of Address: Notify banks, employers, credit card companies and anyone else who will need to send you bills or legal documents.

Money: Stock up on traveller’s checks and local currency in case any money transfers to your new bank take longer than expected to go through.

Children: Before the move, arrange for your children to be taken care of off site from the move, but not so far that you can’t reach them in an emergency.

View and print our full moving checklist here.

The most important thing you can do right now, however, is contact others who have made a move similar to yours. They have been there, done that, and can share their experience-specific knowledge.

But what about your phone service?

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