Stay Injury-Free With Our Lifting Techniques for Moving Guide!

Use this back safety guide if you’re planning on moving anytime soon!

Proper lifting techniques can save your lower back from the very real dangers of moving.
However, before learning how to properly move you should know how the back and lifting work.


The lower back is very susceptible to damage due to its structure. It’s helpful to think of the upper body as a lever and the lower back as its fulcrum, the point around which the trunk rotates. Because of this, spinal compression is always greatest in this area of the body… which leads to pain and damage of the discs between the vertebrae. Basically, the weight of the object you’re lifting isn’t its real weight in terms of its heaviness to you. However, there’s a simple formula to help you calculate how heavy an item will truly be to you.

Simply multiply the objective weight of the item (and your body trunk) by its distance in inches from your core. For example, if you’re lifting a 20 lb. box and holding it 20 inches away from your body, there is a “virtual weight” of 400 lbs. of compression on the disc located at the main fulcrum point. That’s 20x the weight you’d thought it’d be!

The “horizontal distance,” or distance from your core/fulcrum, is increased by trying to carry wide objects, by navigating obstacles or barriers or lifting objects at or close to floor level.

The following are several basics steps to safe moving lifting techniques:

  1. Make sure item isn’t big for you to carry alone, and if not, check to see if there’s anything on the ground in your way.
  2. Keep feet shoulder-width apart, with one foot slightly behind the object that you want to pick up.
  3. Now bend at the knees and don’t stoop. While doing so you must keep the back straight. Tucking in the chin will help keep your back straighter.
  4. Use a palm grip to secure the load more tightly.
  5. Begin by using your own body weight to create momentum, then lift with the legs.
  6. Keep arms and elbows in while lifting.
  7. To change your direction, shift foot positions and turn your entire body.
  8. To put an object down, again, bend at the knees and DO NOT stoop.

Most importantly, if an item is too heavy, ask for help! Back safety and lifting techniques aside, if you have any concerns about what happens to your phone service when moving, you can learn more about moving with Vonage and how you can keep your number when switching phone service to Vonage.