A Moving Checklist Template to Print Out

A moving checklist template can be an indispensable tool for making your move stress-free.

Don’t wait until the last minute before making important decisions. Take a look at our downloadable and printable moving checklist PDF today and give yourself enough of a chance to move the right way.

It doesn’t matter if you’re moving from a house to another house, or an apartment to a house, or a house to an apartment…our free general moving day checklist will keep you on top of everything you need to do. Because moving doesn’t start the day the trucks show up — it’s a process that begins several weeks in advance, leading up to the big day.

Our home moving checklist will help you handle the myriad chores both quick and time-consuming that precede any uprooting from one home to another. Many of these items are the sort of thing you may not normally have even thought about, but they are as vital to a successful move, in their own way, as packing and transportation. Click the link to find out about:

  • What to throw away, recycle, donate or chow down on before you even pack
  • Making sure what’s going can fit in its new space
  • How to start off if you’re moving on your own vs. if you’re using a professional moving team
    Handy ways to label your boxes so everything is prioritized, protected and a lot less likely to be lost
    Who to contact with your new address
  • Services that will need to be shut off and reconnected elsewhere, including phone services
    Tips to ensure you’ll either get your deposit back or avoid selling your home at a loss
  • Special circumstances and general moving day tips

So don’t dilly or dally. Even if you’re only just looking at new places, it’s never too early to start crossing items off our moving checklist template and our moving day checklist. Save yourself a headache and prep today!

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