Vonage Mobile® Calling App Vs. the Vopium App Comparison

Finding the right iPhone® or Android™ calling app can be confusing with so many free calling apps on the market, like the Vopium app.

Cut through all the confusion with the Vonage Mobile® calling app. It lets you make “high-definition” audio quality calls and texts for free with anyone in your address book, as long as they also have the app.

And for those who haven’t yet downloaded the Vonage Mobile free calling app for Android or iPhone, you still get awesome low calling rates worldwide, making that high end-of-the-month mobile phone bill a thing of the past.

While calling apps like the Vopium mobile calling app are confusing and require a lot of extra steps, Vonage Mobile is always super simple and affordable to use.

Here are some comparisons:

  • With Vopium you don’t always get free app-to-app calls. Instead calls are only free when you and the other Vopium user are both on Wi-Fi. With Vonage Mobile, calling and texting is always free between app users, no matter where they are and whether on 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi.
  • For non app-to-app calls on Vopium, you have to pay Vopium’s price for the international call and your regular mobile operator for the local call. Plus texting is .012 cents per text. With Vonage Mobile, non app-to-app calls default you to Vonage’s amazing low rates for international calls and app-to-app texting is always free.
  • The Vopium calling app requires you to go to their site to check rates. That means you have to leave the app and go to their website, which is not equipped for smartphone views. The Vonage Mobile Android or iPhone calling app, on the other hand, makes rate checking a cinch. There’s no need to leave the app to check out rates like you do when making calls with the Vopium app. With the Vonage Mobile Rate Look Up Tool, you can check rates for any international call right from the app itself.
  • Plus for a short time only, any of your calls to any phone in the United States, Canada, & Puerto Rico will be free, wherever you’re calling from!¹ (up to 3000 minutes/month)

Why waste time with calling apps that come and go. With reliability from a trusted brand and 24/7 customer service, Vonage Mobile is the clear solution for your calling and texting needs.

Go to Vonage Mobile to download the free calling app for Android or iPhone and get connected for FREE today!

¹Limited time free calling offer to the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico is for personal, non-commercial calling and excludes calls to certain geographic locations, premium and special services numbers, satellite telephony services and other call forwarding services. Not to exceed 3000 minutes per month.