How to Call Lebanon from the U.S.

You don’t have to worry about complicated calling cards anymore when making calls to Lebanon!

Just take a peek at the handy “How To Call Lebanon” guide we put together for you below.

To call Lebanon from the U.S., check out these easy-to-follow dialing instructions:

  • First dial 011, the U.S. exit code.
  • Next dial 961, the country code for Lebanon.
  • Then dial the area code (1 digit — please see a sample calling code list below)
  • and finally the phone number (six digits).

Need more help with how to call Lebanon?

Here’s a list of some major city area codes and city calling codes:

Ashrafieh, Baabda, Badaro, Beirut, Bir Hassan, Chyah, Kaldeh 1
Baabdat, Bickfaya, Brumana 4
Aley, Bhamadoun, Hammana, Shbanieh 5
Tripoli 6
Marjeyoun, Saida, Sur 7
Baalbeck, Bekaa, Mashghara, Rayack 8
Ghazir, Junieh, Nahr Ibrahim, Qartaba 9

How to make sure your call to Lebanon goes through.

If you are having a rough time getting your call through, look out for a few of the following common dialing mistakes:

Blocked international calls

Make sure your cell service isn’t automatically set to block international calls, as this is common practice. If it is set to do so, just go to Settings and turn this option off.

Cells with area codes

Keep in mind that area codes shouldn’t be added to most international cell phone numbers. In most countries across the globe, cell phone numbers use a set starting digit that one should not try to use when dialing landlines.

Trunk codes

If you are calling an international number that starts with a “0,” you must drop this first digit — it’s referred to as a “trunk code” and is only used for calling within certain countries.

How do I call to Lebanon affordably from the United States?

From Beirut to Tripoli, Vonage World® can make your calls to Lebanon a fast, easy, and affordable experience. We’ve all gone through the rigamarole — complicated calling cards, restrictive calling plans, etc. But with Vonage calling Lebanon is cheap with our low rates.

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Are there any international calling apps?

Check out Vonage Mobile for international calling apps for Android™ & iPhone® devices.

¹You sign up for an additional account and remain responsible for all charges and activity on each account, as well as shipping for the adapter and for compliance with the laws of the country outside of the U.S. where the Vonage adapter may be used. Vonage customer support is in English and Spanish only. Vonage 911 service does not operate outside the U.S.

²Unlimited calling and other services for all residential plans are based on normal residential, personal, non-commercial use. A combination of factors is used to determine abnormal use, including but not limited to: the number of unique numbers called, calls forwarded, minutes used and other factors. Subject to our Reasonable Use Policy and Terms of Service.