How to Call Aruba from the US

It’s tough enough finding a way to call Aruba let alone to make cheap calls to Aruba.

That’s where we can help. We can also give you a leg up on the often complicated process of “How to Call Aruba.” Luckily we’ve created a quick guide for you below.

To call Aruba from the US, just follow these dialing instructions:

  • First dial 011, the US exit code.
  • Next dial 297, the Aruba country code.
  • Then dial the 7-digit phone number.

The US to Aruba international dialing format should look like this:

EX: 011 + 297 + XXX XXXX

Calls to numbers on cell phones usually start with a 9 as their first digit, with 56, 59 and 7 as the alternates.

EX: 011 + 297 + 9?? ????

But that’s not all you’ll need to know. There are a number of other problems that can arise when calling Aruba. Check out some of these other recurring problems:

Blocked cell phones.

Your mobile may be automatically set to prevent you from making international calls. While definitely a sound precaution, this can prove to be a pain for many who aren’t familiar with this fact.

Cell phone area coding.

Check to make sure the international cell phone you’re dialing even needs an area code, as many don’t. If you’ve dialed with an area code, try the same number without it.

Calling Aruba from USA has never been so easy.

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Are there any international calling apps?

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